I-Ella The List May 2013 subscription box review


Weekend surprise for me!

Today I received my replacement bag from I-Ella. It was a very pleasant and welcomed surprise. I love getting mail.

I was expecting the same dress but was pleased a different dress was sent; it came with a few extras goodies.

The List offers three bags: the Starter Bag for $59 (+shipping), the Soho Bag for $129 (+shipping) and the St. Barth’s Bag for $389. I purchased the Soho Bag for $139 shipped.

Here are the contents:

  1. Piper Gore Serena Striped Dress, $120? (Unable to find it sold online)
    This dress is super soft (I’m a sucker for soft items). It also has pockets! I’m delighted to have this dress as my replacement and will happppily wear it!
  2. Baggu Small Leather Pouch in Nutmeg (Tan), $20
    This is the cutest little pouch; it’s also pretty and soft! I have several other baggu shopping totes so I’m familiar with this brand. I’ve been eying the Birchbox version for some time so this is a nice surprise. I’m going to use this to stuff essentials (lipbalm, money, id) when I’m on the go (in my pocket:) )
  3. Medi-Tan samples (missing in box, packing error?)
    This was suppose to be included but I didn’t find it in my box. No big deal.
  4. Priti NYC Nail Polish in Pincushion Protea, $13.50
    A pretty coral colored polish. It just screams summer to me. Can’t wait to try this out.
  5. Farmhouse Fresh samples, Whoopie Cream Shea Butter, Agave Nectar Ageless Body Oil, Sweet Cream Body Milk Lotion, 3 packets






Total bag valued at ~$153.50. Overall, I’m satisfied with the items sent. I’m also happy to see that the beauty extras are all new brands! Last month, the dress I received was sent back because it was not my size. This dress is cute, super soft, and perfect for summer (and fits). Although this dress is priced lower than the dress I returned, I don’t really mind. =) Thanks Ella for making the month of May even better!

Prior bag

What do you think?

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  1. Ninaliv says:

    Awesome! That dress is too cute!! And I’m obsessed with baggu! I’m now super excited for my replacement bag!!

  2. Let me know what you get! =) The dress is so soft!

  3. ninaliv says:

    Is this your June Hamptons bag? Or your replacement May box?

  4. This is my replacement for my April/May? dress although items sent were “weekend in the hamptons” themed.

    Works for me. I like items in this theme more than the prior month.

  5. Anonymous says:

    After the hamptons bag, I unsubscribed to the service. I had purchased the soho bag, and honestly feel that I could have gotten WAY more for my money by spending a couple hours at Nordstrom Rack. Complete let-down of a subscription service.

    • That’s a bummer to hear. What were the contents of your bag?

      Just gotta move on when a sub doesn’t work out.

      I just recently got my Elizabeth and Clarke shirts and was really impressed with the quality. I’d recommend that one if you see any that you like.

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